João Paulo Bernardo Montes

Technician, Civil Registration and Statistics

Ministry of Justice

João Paulo Bernardo MONTES, has been working for the Angolan government since May 2012 in the area of Registries and Notaries. He is currently responsible for the statistical organization of acts performed by the Civil Registry, Commercial Registry, Land Registry, Automobile Registry and Notary Public Offices at the national level. He is also the Deputy Coordinator of the National Civil Registration Program at birth in the country's maternity hospitals, where he controls the technical and administrative operations of staff and their procedures. He has professional experience in the areas of Physical and Property Security, where he worked for 15 years as coordinator of service contracts and security teams.



Mainadjo Babbarou SIDDICKI

Director, Political Affairs and Civil Registration 

Ministry of Territorial Administration 

Mainadjo B. SIDDICKI is the Director of Political Affairs and Civil Registration at the Ministry of Territorial Administration in Chad, where he has been serving since 1988. Within this ministry he has been responsible for administrative circumscriptions and served as Director of Human Resources and Training as was Director of Political Affairs and Civil Registration In addition to his current role, he has been a Member of the Unit responsible for establishing the National Agency for Secure Titles. He is also rapporteur of the Steering Committee of the Global Assessment of the National Civil Registration System.



Janet W. Mucheru

Director, Civil Registration Services (CRS)

Ministry of Interior

Janet W. MUCHERU has extensive experience as a Civil Servant in the Government of Kenya. Prior to joining CRS she worked as a Senior Administrator in various departments in the Government of Kenya.  She is currently the Director of Civil Registration (CRS). She was instrumental in the implementation of the biometric system in Kenya’s airports and border posts after leading a delegation to benchmark in Malaysia, Singapore and USA. She is the Chairperson of the CRS Technical Committee, a member of Board of Management for various Government Institutions.



Melanie Tjijenda

Director, Quality Assurance, Standards, Skills Development & Coordination and Project Manager for eGovernance

Dept. of Public Service Information Technology Management, Office of the Prime Minister, Namibia

Melanie Tjijenda is Director for the department of management, coordination and implementation of Information Technology in the Public Service within the Office of the Prime Minister, Namibia. She has been serving in the Public Service for about 10 years where she began as Chief Analyst Programmer and also has Private Sector experience in field of ICT.

She currently serves on, amongst others, the CRVS & Identity Management (IM) Technical Working Group, which is  responsible for facilitating and implementing the Registration of various civil events, Identity Management and the generation of Vital Statistics in Namibia.  She is part of the design and development team for the National CRVS and IM Systems which include, but not limited to, the NPR, and the eBirth & eDeath Notification Systems.

Melanie is also responsible for crafting and coordinating the implementation of various IT Policies, Standards and Procedures; as well coordinating development and deployment of online applications across the pubic service under the eGovernment initiative. She also facilitates the utilization of the interoperability framework for data exchange and verification.



Aliou Ousmane Sall

Director, Directorate of Civil Registration 

Ministry of Spatial Planning

Aliou Ousmane SALL is Director at the Directorate of Civil Registration at the Ministry of Territorial Communities, Development and Regional Planning, since January 2019. The Directorate of Civil Registration is responsible for defining the guidelines and ensuring the implementation of civil registration policies. It provides technical support and accompaniment to territorial actors and populations in all areas relating to the functioning of centers and the modernization of civil registration. From 2014 to 2019, Mr. SALL was respectively Head of the Studies and Planning Division at the Local Development Agency and Responsible for Operations of the National Observatory of Decentralization and Local Development (ONDDL). At the same time, he was a Member of the Restricted Technical Committee for the preparation of the plans for National Land Use Planning. Mr. SALL holds a Master in Urban Planning and Management. He is also Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Bokidiawé, responsible for cooperation and external relations.



Désiré Luc Cocou Soukpo

Director, Information systems

Ministry of Digital and Digital Transformation

Désiré Luc Cocou SOUKPO is an Engineer in Network and Information System Administration and has 19 years of professional experience, 11 years in the private sector and 8 years in the public sector. He is Director of Information Systems of the Ministry of Digital and Digital Transformation, where he ensures, in relation to all the structures of the ministry, the design, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of integrated actions. Mr. SOUKPO began his professional career in the private sector, where he worked at Population Services International (PSI), an American structure as IT Coordinator and Appropriate Technologies. On the international level, he led the project of the modernization of the Togolese justice sector through the dematerialization of the judicial processes by setting up applications (FORSETI commercial name of the set up application) and the setting up of EDM to make court decisions available online. He worked on the operationalization of the Government’s national strategy for e-government, the promotion of ICT in other business sectors, and the implementation of transversal digital transformation projects. 

Côte d’Ivoire

Ivory Coast.png

Leontine Gbato

Director, Personal Data Protection

The Telecommunications/ICT Regulatory Authority of Côte d’Ivoire (ARTCI)

Leontine Dorcasse GBATO is currently the Director of Personal Data Protection at the Telecommuniations/ICT Regulatory Body of Côte d’Ivoire (ARTCI). As such, she ensures the follow-up on all implementation plans of the Authority of Personal Data Protection and checks full compliance of all public administrations and private enterprises based on Act n°2013-450 of June 19, 2013 which relates to the protection of personal data. She holds a Masters in Political Sciences majoring in Judicial Studies. 



Phindu Lipenga-Kafere

Principal Examiner, ICT

Reserve Bank of Malawi

Phindu LIPENGA-KAFERE is the Principal Examiner, ICT for Reserve Bank of Malawi. She holds a Masters Degree in Computing and Management from Leeds University (UK) and a Bachelors Degree from University of Malawi. She is a Fletcher Leadership Program in Financial Inclusion fellow, Tufts University (USA). She recently spoke on the Applications of Digital Identification in the financial sector at the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative Symposium (Egypt 2019). She is responsible for Credit Reference Bureau oversight, whose data quality issues largely depend on having reliable identification and she has experience in AML/CFT oversight. She has worked with financial institutions to advance the adoption of the Malawi National Identification as the primary identification document. 



Mouna Aminami Afagnibo

Senior Adviser on Gender and Population

Office of the Prime Minister 

Mouna Aminami AFAGNIBO is a senior advisor on issues concerning gender and population at the Prime Minister’s Office in the Republic of Niger. She is also a communications expert to the National System for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). At the EITI she is responsible for organizing strategic communication plans, disseminating information and driving the organization’s objectives at national level. She also oversees the information system of ITIE Niger and manages the data collection process to extract and communicate the figures needed to produce their annual reports. Prior to her current roles she was a Project Manager for 2 years under a European Union project, which involved women and young adults in Niger’s political process. Prior to this, she served a one-year term as Training Consultant at Field Consulting, and for 6 years was Child Protection Officer at Islamic Relief Worldwide. Beyond the working scene, Mouna is in charge of running training programs in leadership and entrepreneurship for women at the Nigerian Association for the Progress and Defense of Women's Rights (2007 to date). She has a degree in computer science and a diploma in computer programming. 



Dr. Hassan Omar 


Advisor to Chief of Office

Office of the President

Dr. Hassan MAHADALLAH is an Advisor to the Chief of Staff and Focal person of the Office of the President for the Digital ID Task Force/Steering Committee in Somalia. He is also a Commissioner of the Independent Constitution Review and Implementation Commission (ICRIC). In addition to his current roles, he occasionally serves as consultant on Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (DRM/CCA). Dr. MAHADALLAH is a retired Professor of Political Science.

Burkina Faso


Inès Pascaline YAMAEGO

Director, Unique identification and Security of Civil Registration Documents

General Directorate of Modernization of Civil Registration

Inès Pascaline YAMEOGO is Director of the Unique Identification and Security of Civil Registration Documents at the General Directorate of Modernization of Civil Status – a core unit within the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Social Cohesion. She is responsible for the modernization of civil regisration services, the creation and implementation of a unique identifier for citizens, as well as securing data with the competent structures. Previously, Inès was Head of Networks and Information Systems Security within the IT Services Department.



Rahel Fidel

Head of MIS (Management Information Systems)

Ministry of Revenue

Rahel FIDEL was born and raised in Ethiopia before moving to North America. While in the US and Canada, she pursued a Masters in Information Technology. Since relocating to Ethiopia in the last few years, she has been leading, directing and overseeing ICT development at the Ministry of Revenue and Ministry of Science and Technology. There she ensures continuous operation and cost-efficiency of the Ministry’s systems, network, database architecture and data security, in order to achieve consistency and reliability of hardware, software, non-system tools, data archiving and offsite disaster recovery management. Prior to moving to Ethiopia, Rahel worked at Stanford University for over 16 years in various areas within the IT department. Her responsibilities as system analyst consisted of designing new IT solutions, modifying, enhancing existing systems and integrating new features or improvements, all with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity.  



Sibiri Philippe Berthé


Civil Registration Data Center (CTDEC)

Sibiri Philippe BERTHÉ is Administrator of the population database and of the civil registration database. Since 2009, he has been involved in the design and implementation of the Mali Civil Status Registration Census (RAVEC) where he was responsible for developing training manuals, training officers in the use of biometric census terminals and developing the technical specifications of the central database responsible for assigning the Personal Identification Number (NINA). He is currently working on the computerization and security of the civil registration system of Mali (EU program).



Hadiza Ali Dagabana

General Manager

National Identification Management Commission (NIMC)

Hadiza Ali DAGABANA joined NIMC in 2008 to establish the Regulatory and Compliance Department.  She is currently General Manager for Legal, Regulatory & Compliances Services, and is Secretary to the Commission. Hadiza has over 26 years’ experience in corporate legal practice and is an active Member of the ID4Africa Movement; Secure Identity Alliance; Nigerian Bar Association; Federation of Women Lawyers and the International Bar Association. She has served extensively in legal capacity for the Nigerian government, holding roles such as Senior Counsel at the Bureau of Public Enterprises and Legal Advisor at Transcorp. Hadiza is widely accomplished academically; holding degrees and certification from a number of international and regional institutions.

South Sudan


Kuol Gabriel Nyok Kur


Office of the Inspector General of Police, South Sudan

Kuol Gabriel Nyok Kur is currently the Secretary of the Office of the Inspector General of Police in South Sudan. Here, he assists with compiling and analyzing security reports from the various states of South Sudan. He also facilitates the coordination of the Police Development Committee and acts as a focal point for the Inspector General when dealing with development partners.

Kuol has a Masters in Security Sector Management from Cranfield Defense Security University, UK and a Bachelors in Communication and Journalism. He is currently a Fellow with UNITAR Fellowship Program Cycle 2017.



 Jean Hyacinthe Ebela

Technical Advisor, Directorate General 

National Bureau of Civil Registration of Cameroon (BUNEC)

Jean Hyacinthe EBELA is Technical Advisor at the Directorate General of the National Bureau of Civil Status of Cameroon (BUNEC) - a public administrative establishment whose mission to ensure the supervision, control, regulation and evaluation of the state’s civil status system. His background reflects a long administrative career in Cameroonian ministries having been in charge of education, territorial administration and decentralization. Mr. EBELA is passionate about identity matters and believes that the civil status of a country must reflect the true identity of individuals, and once established, should be protected and managed in the face of socio-political changes, in order to be effective in improving the livelihood of citizens. Mr. EBELA is a trained Lawyer and Teacher. 



Sanaba Kaba

Director General, ANIES

Office of the Prime Minister

Sanaba KABA is a committed politician recognized for her tenacity in the field of governance. She has extensive microfinance experience, having worked for 11 years at PRIDE / FINANCE. She was also vice-president of the National Microfinance Agency, Advisor to the Head of State responsible for education and health matters, youth employment and women's advancement before being appointed Minister of Social Action, Women's Advancement and Childhood from 2014 to 2017, and member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank and the Fund Emergency Trustee.



Rachid Haddouchane

Head, Information Systems Department 

National Commission for the Control of the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP)  

With more than 20 years’ in his overall career and professional experience in IT as an information systems engineer, Rachid HADDOUCHANE is a specialist in various fields covering strategic, technical and legal matters, as varied as the realization of master plans, IT architectures and infrastructures, databases, IS security, PDP, etc. Since 2013, he has been Head of the Information Systems Department at CNDP.



Jacques Kayisire

Director of ICT infrastructure 

National Identification Agency (NIDA) 

Jacques KAYISIRE serves as Director of ICT infrastructure at the National ID Agency of Rwanda (NIDA). He possesses nearly 14 years of professional experience in the field of ICT and has been with NIDA for over 9 years. He started as a member of the ID Project Task Force, approved by Cabinet in 2008, as the Charge of ICT. Jacques graduated in 2002 from PSG College of Technology and holds a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In 2009 he completed his Masters in IT Communication Management from Kigali Institute of Technology and later received a Post Graduate degree in Project Management from Maastricht School of Management in The Netherlands. He has been involved in the planning and execution of Rwanda’s ID Project, and has served a valuable role in other government projects.